Do You Know the 3 Crucial Elements to Starting an Online Business?

Who knew that these 3 crucial elements would have been so detrimental to my success online!

Join me this Thursday at 9pm EST as I pull back the curtain and reveal these 3 Crucial Elements and how’ve they’ve literally let Lindy and I travel around the world all while still earning an income.

Lock-in Your spot right here and I can’t wait to pull back the curtain and show You these 3 elements that are detrimental to Your Online success.

P.S. This webinar isn’t for everyone. Im only looking to share this with people who are actually serious about learning the foundation of an online business and looking to scale it in the future.

Money Meditation: The Vortex Series with Esther Hicks

Money meditation with Esther Hicks…Does it really work?

Have You ever wondered about the power of meditation or have You always thought it was just a bunch of hocus pocus?

Now whether You think its a bunch of fairy dust or not, there’s a reason why the worlds most successful businessmen, athletes and innovators all use mediation in their daily routines. Now they may not all call it the same thing…some may call it self reflection, some may call it meditation and some may even reflect on their day and what tomorrow is going to hold for them just as they lay down their head before they turn in of the night.

The main idea is, is that they are getting in tune with their thoughts, their beliefs and literally manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity into their life.

It may sound foolish at first, but as You dart researching and divining into the topic You’ll be surprised about how this common thread is intertwined throughout history and has always been associated with success and masters of their craft.

I have REAL LIFE proof that money meditation works…and works FAST!

money meditation

 As You may know, my girlfriend and I both run successful affiliate marketing businesses online and have been travelling the world all while our businesses are running for us 24/7.

We have always been strong advocates of personal development and to be consciously aware of Your thoughts because we knew that You are what You think about most all day long.

So if You think about success, then You’ll be successful. …and if You think of poverty, bad luck and have the ‘world is against me’ mentality…guess what?

Thats exactly what You’re going to bring about.

moving on…

She really wanted to test this theory of thoughts become things and one of our friends and mentors suggested that she listened to the Money Meditation: The Vortex Series with Esther Hicks before she went to bed and first thing when she woke up (I’ll include the exact same video below).

  • Night 1: Listens to Money Meditation with Esther Hicks and nothing really significant happens as she listened to it and then went to bed.
  • Morning 1: Listened to Money Meditation first thing in the morning and nothing really significant happens yet again.
  • Night 2: Listens to Money Mediation right before she went to bed.
  • Morning 2: Listened to Money Mediation first thing in the morning and then the magic started to flow :)

Literally, within 48 hours of be conscious and soaking in the information through the Money Meditation audio, Lindy started the manifestation process of abundance.

Through her automated online business, the following 72 hours after only 2 days of listening to the Money Meditation audio she attracted $1,040 into her life. How crazy is that?

It’s powerful if You ask me! Do You think Lindy will keep-up with this routine everyday?…would You?

Now YES, You can use this technique to attract prosperity into Your life… but what if You actually put this to work in other areas?

…such as health, such as personal relationships?

Once You comprehend that You manifest absolutely everything into Your life at some level…the good, the bad and everything in between, You’ll start being conscious of what You’re giving your attention too.

Because You can literally be, do and have anything You want in life. And you can have more than what You’ve got because You can become more than what You are.

But it all starts with being mentality prepared to accept it, and know that You deserve it.

You have to have Your mind right before You can get Your life right.

Learn how You can start getting Your mind right, to accept abundance and to accept success into Your life.

The World Is Your Playground!

33 Flights, Bali Beaches, Reality Shows and 15,000sqft Mansions!

2013 was quite the year and its only going to get better and better  :)

My girlfriend and I had been on 33 flights, lived in Bali for 3 months, visited multiple cities, countries, took part in a Hollywood reality show in Phuket Thailand and experienced some of the premiere mansions in Chicago, Thailand and Orlando’s famous 15,000sqft mansion…all while still earning an income strictly from our laptops.

Its crazy to think that when You’re surrounded by the right people and the right community, anything is possible :)

If You LOVE to travel and want to check out the community that can make Your dreams Your reality then all You have to do is check out our Hollywood Reality Show that we filmed in Phuket, Thailand. (no email required)

It’s time to dream BIG again!

Targeted Traffic: 749 Visitors and 1,095 Views on Autopilot

Ever wanted to know how You can attract more views on Your blog?

You see most of us blog to get our voices heard, spread our views and to create a community of like minded people.

But if Your blog isn’t getting seen, then whats the point?

You’re pretty much throwing up a billboard in the desert if You don’t know how to drive targeted traffic. Regardless if You’re self employed looking to gain more traction on Your product/service or You’re an avid blogger that simply wants to be heard…You can benefit from a simply strategy that I use to gain targeted traffic to my blog on a daily basis.

targeted traffic

This is a quick snapshot over the last couple weeks, and I don’t use this strategy all the time and from the pic above You can see when I use it because there is a definite spike in my traffic.

Now I know there are blogs that have much more traffic, much more views and much more share ability…but if You’ve been struggling to even get 50 NEW visitors a day then what would it feel like to get over 700 by implementing a strategy or two?

Its powerful because Your community can explode literally overnight. And if You’re a business trying to sell a product or service, what would an extra 749 people viewing Your content, Your ads and Your products do for You and Your business?

Its powerful.

…and I know because of this simple strategy my bank account has increased :)

If You’d like to know more about how to drive targeted traffic to Your blog, to create a loyal community/following and to have Your voice heard…click here and enter your email for more info.

Re-Train Your Brain and Why Your Traditional Retirement Plan is Failing

The reason why 95% of the population is failing at retirement is because they are operating in the old mindset of working 30+ years, and if theres any money left over at the end of the month, then they’ll invest it into an investment.

The problem is, is that there usually is no money at the end of the month, so therefore there is no investing…which means no cash-flow at retirement.

If You simply retrain Your brain to creating an online business that provides immediate cash-flow, You have then created Your freedom.

You don’t need to put in 30 years at a job to be able to retire. You simply need cash-flow, and the easiest way is with an affordable, mobile, non-economy related business to where You can literally create Your own value and Your own economy.


Find out how You can SAVE Your retirement in 30 days or less!

My girlfriend and I have been able to literally disconnect ourselves from time and location by creating our freedom in the online world. Sept 1, 2013 is where the rubber met the road and we have never looked back.

We moved to Bali Indonesia to live our dream life and it couldn’t have been more magical. We made a promise to ourselves that We would move to a different city/country/state every 3 months so that we can experience life to its fullest and really soak in what the world has to offer.

…and right now we are living in a 5 bedroom ski chalet at one of the most sought after ski resorts in Canada.

…it’s literally easier than You think, and normal, everyday people just like You and I are doing it.

It simply comes down to making a choice.

Project AWOL Reality Show is Here!

The Project AWOL Reality Show is Finally Here!

project awol reality show

This was hands down one of the best experiences Lindy and I have ever had. Being able to live in a hillside mega-mansion with 11 rooms, professional chefs, drivers and masseuses it really couldn’t get any better.

Take a look and see how we are shocked when we discover the mansions nestled in the hillside overlooking Bang Tao and our luxurious private room.

The 7 days that we were there were absolutely magical and the pictures will never be able to do it any justice.

Not only were we grateful to be chosen to be on the show, but we’re grateful to have created solid relationships that we strengthen to this day with the people we shared this magical experience with. It’s when You band together and collectively mastermind to share Your ideas with one another, that You can take Your business to a whole new level You never thought was possible.

The Project AWOL Reality Show Season 4 Episode 1

I know our lives have forever changed because of this experience and it was while we were filming that Lindy and I had the biggest breakthrough of our lives.

Within 90 days Lindy and I moved to Bali to run our online businesses from some of the most beautiful beach villas we had ever seen and bask in the warm sun. …why Bali??? Because it was one of our life goals…to be able to live on a beach, in the hot sun and live the relaxed lifestyle all while still earning an income.

Thats what its all about.

Giving You the tools necessary to be able to cross of Your life goals one at a time, and to be able to do it NOW…and not some point in the distant future.

And it’s because of Project AWOL (Another Way of Life) and the community that we have, that made it possible for non techies like us, to succeed in the online world.

So the question is, what’s Your AWOL? And how bad do You want to live it right now?

…it’s closer than You think :)

project awol reality show

Ski Big White Chalet Style

My life has completely flipped upside down over the last year and I know that it will never go back to the way it was before.

My girlfriend and I have been knocking off life goals FAST, and doing it all by having a mobile income.

In 2013 alone, we have been on over 33 flights, were  filmed for a reality show in Thailand, visited places like Denver, Chicago, Orlando and lived in Bali for almost 3 months before heading to Big White to live for another 3 months… in a half million dollar, 5 bedroom ski chalet right on the mountain with friends.

One of my goals has always been to pick up skiing… But I never would have thought that after an 11 year hiatus, my  first run would be at the Big White ski resort in British Columbia.

ski big white

The day couldn’t have been better to ski Big White!

Our friends had been there for about a month before and they said it was normally foggy but as soon as Lindy and I showed up it’s been blue bird every day :)

There’s nothing better than being on one of the top ski hills in the world and having nothing but sunshine.

Of course it took some time for Lindy and I to get our feet under us again, but once we were there for a couple days it was almost second nature again.

We both love Big White simply for the fact that they have so many runs for all ski levels.

…and being that it usually has the best ski conditions in British Columbia doesn’t hurt either.

ski big white

Our first day skiing was phenomenal, but what made it even better was that our businesses were still running while we were off having fun. We didn’t have this little voice in the back of our heads saying shouldn’t we be working” or wow it’s going to suck going into work on Monday”because the truth is, while we were out having fun and enjoying life, we were still making money in our online businesses and we were 100% present in the moment and enjoying one another.

You see it doesn’t matter where You’re at in life, the skills or talents You think you do or don’t have, or really what your interested in because We can show You how to earn an income, by doing the things You love to do each and every day.

…and by following Your passions and by simply being You.

It really is that simple and yes You can do-it too.

Lindy and I are forever grateful for the people that We’ve met and the choices we’ve made over the last 365 days because each decision and each choice has lead us up to this point, right here…right now.

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